Manual Portable Rosin Press Extracting Kit Enail

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Tarik Rosin Press & He-nail Combo

  • The Original Tarik + Rosin Press
  • Portable E-nail (He-nail)
  • Magnetic Carb Cap & Dab Tool

The Do-It-Yourself home oil extraction machine and portable e-nail. Everything  you need to press and enjoy your fav flower. DIY solvent free dabs in seconds.

1.2" LCD temperature display 
Input 80-240v adapter
Temperature range (212-302°F)
30 minute automatic safety power shut off
2 heating plate modules
Intelligent temperature control system
Safe and easy use


  • Tarik + Rosin Press
  • He-nail Unit w/ Rechargable Battery
  • Magnetic Carb Cap & Dab Tool
  • Glass Bubbler
  • Power Cable
  • USB Charging Cable