Volcano Digit Vaporizer With Easy Valve Set Included Full Kit

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The Volcano digital vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is known for its quality. This is a convection vaporizer, where the hot air passes through the material, does not get heated up directly by any element which is generally considered to be the best method because its more even heat, hot air is more uniform and results in superior quality vapor with the amazing flavour. 

The Volcano Digital Vaporizer comes with the integrated silencer which keeps the device quiet while in operation. Also, there is illuminated light which signifies that the device is on. The temperature on the digital screen will be in Celsius. If you want to change it in Fahrenheit, press both the up and down buttons. This marvelous vaporizer requires low maintenance to keep it.


- Vapor Quality & Taste: It has the best vapor quality & taste as compared to any other vaporizer in the market.
- Build Quality: Volcano Digital vaporizer has the best build quality as it has no finicky parts or design flaw.
- Vapor Density: The Volcano Digital vaporizer has a huge surface area that help to maximize its efficiency by evenly heating the herbs.
- Easy to Use: It’s very easy to use and you never have to clean it up if you are using easy valve set up.
- Low Maintenance: The maintenance cost is almost negligible depending on the design you are using. With solid valves, you may need to by a replacement balloon on yearly basis that will cost $5-$10 per year. The easy valve system is a maintenance free design.


- Overall Size: it’s not portable vaporizer unit because of overall size.
- Heat Up Time: one of the major cons of volcano digital vaporizer is long heat up time. The avg. heat up time is around 3 minute.
- Fan Noise: The amount of noise that fan make while filling the balloon is louder than anything else.

Why Buy the Volcano Digital Over the Classic?

Storz and Bickel changed the world of vaping with the Classic, then managed to do it again with the Volcano Digital Vaporizer A fully digitally controlled, upgraded version of the Classic, it offers more precise temperature control (+/- 1.5°C against the Classic’s +/- 5°C) and a wider range (40°C to 230°C). This extra versatility and precision instantly raised the bar for desktop vaporizers.

Using the same Easy Valve system that the Classic uses for whips and balloons, it produces the same high quality vapor with added control and consistency. It will set you back a few extra dollars but for the extra features alongside the amazing quality build and design, it is a great example of “you get what you pay for”. It should last for years past the 3 year warranty, nothing else gives this quality vapor and nothing is a simple and easy to use.There are desktop vaporizers out there that can be controlled via a smartphone, and other shiny gadgets, but they seem superfluous when compared alongside the Volcano Digital Vaporizer. It is as simple as possible and literally unbeatable when it comes to the quality of its vapor. 

It can take a few minutes to warm up (3 minutes usually) and has the auto shut off setting that the Classic lacks, turning itself off after 30 minutes without any input. This is very useful for sessions and social gatherings.

As with the Volcano Digital Vaporizer, consistency is king. It is big and heavy but it gets the maximum out of every last bit of your dry herb extract. Nothing else gives the high quality vapor right to the end like this beast.

The metal coned icon. The advantages of the VOLCANO DIGIT are its large LED display and its ease of use. But no matter which VOLCANO you decide on, there is no difference in the overall effect.

Brand Name: Volcano Vaporizer
Material: Metal
color: stainless steel
box color: white+blue
weight of unit: 1.8kg
weight with box: 2kg
box demensions: 270*270*270mm
use for: dry herb materials
type: 110V/220V
temperature contorl: 40-230C/104F-446F
warranty: return&exchange